Group course | Advanced training group course for adults

You climb on routes and / or boulders indoors and / or outdoors on a regular basis and you wish to boost your level to achieve your objectives more efficiently and through greater difficulty. We will guide you and provide you with the technical, tactical (including mental preparation) and physical devices. Our coaching program throughout the course is both global and personalized. Minimum level : 6b and climbing on a weekly basis. Number of sessions (3-hour sessions) : 7. Group size : 4 to 8 participants. Location : Espace Vertical Grenoble and Le Labo. Our fares : include supervision. Be aware that entry tickets to the climbing centres are an option (you can decide when signing in online), depending on whether or not you have a valid Espace Vertical / Le Labo pass. Supervisor : Gabin Piat. 3 gyms : Espace Vertical Grenoble (EV3) : 22, rue Victor Lastella - 38000 Grenoble Espace Vertical St Martin d'Hères (EV2) : 18, rue Marceau Leyssieux - 38400 St Martin d'Hères Le Labo : 56 Avenue Felix Viallet - 38000 Grenoble

Indicative program:

Session 1 : assessment - Presentation and implementation of devices - EV3 Session 2 : routes volume - circuit training - EV3 Session 3 : boulder volume - Le Labo Sessions 4 : specific route training - resistance training - tactics - EV3 Session 5 : specific boulder training - strength, technique and tactics - Le Labo Sessions 6 and 7 : achieving goals on routes practise - EV3

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