Intruducing Climbing

Climbing around Grenoble is stimulating due to the wide range of locations and climbing practices ! Climbing on single or multi-pitch crag, on walls in one of the spacious Espace Vertical rooms, or on boulders in the Labo room, dedicated specifically to this activity: you will be spoiled for choice. In terms of level and type of training, we can provide anything you need : from initiation in 4 to training towards the 7th grade (or more!), Sport climbing, relaxation, with or without jammers, CORDEO instructors will be able to adapt to your needs, share their knowledge and their passion with you.

Get ready for your climbing lesson or outing :

There is no minimum level required to practice climbing: you will undoubtedly be able to find, with the help of our instructors, a course and / or a suitable site. Fear of heights or falls: this is normal and this should not stop you from starting to climb! Once again, it is quite possible to make quick progress: the instructors will help you gradually fight the psychological apprehensions which are the first hindrance when you practice climbing. Then, you will be able to approach the physical and technical aspects, through gestures, tactics, training ... You will see that climbing opportunities, in Grenoble and around, have no limits !

The equipment you’ll need is very different depending on where you practice. In any case, you will need flexible and light clothing to facilitate body movements. For bouldering at the Lab, you will only need a pair of climbing shoes; on the walls of Espace Vertical, add a harness, a rope and a belay system; on cliffs, it will often be necessary to have more substantial equipment, for example a set of quickdraws or the necessary equipment for belay stance. In most cases, the equipment can be supplied by the instructors and, of course, you’ll be given precise information before the day of the activity.

Our commitment to quality:

We guarantee small groups of no more than 8 participants per instructor in our group lessons. This maximum number is even lower on some lessons, private commitments or technical routes. This entails greater safety, a friendly atmosphere within the group and a closer attention to the needs of every individual.

The professionals who teach climbing all have a specific certificate for this activity (State Certificate or Diploma). They have a sports instructor card as well as up-to-date Civil Liability insurance. CORDEO also covers all participants in Individual Accident, at no additional cost.

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